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Newsweek magazine is an American weekly publication that was founded in 1933 and during my tenure was owned by the Washington Post Co.  I worked under the leadership of Editor Fareed Zakaria on the International edition of the magazine from 2000 - 2011. These early, formative years of my career coincided with a critical sociopolitical shift in our world but also in journalism and photography. I started my career at Newsweek with the controversial presidential election of George W Bush, shortly after came the attacks on September 11th, the occupation of Afghanistan, the war in Iraq and the so-called global War on Terror. There were tsunamis, floods, earthquakes and hurricane across the world. And wars in Lebanon, Sri Lanka and Congo as well as a genocide in Darfur. The global financial crises hit and then the historic election of Barack Obama and the revolutions in the Arab world. Simultaneously, it was also a time of profound technological advancements and with it came rapid changes in how information was shared and as a result, how journalism and the media operated. This was a massive paradigm shift and luckily, I found myself witnessing it from inside one of America‚Äôs most storied media companies.

My Role:

As Senior Photo Editor, I was responsible for commissioning photography for the international magazine published worldwide on everything from weekly cover packages to special issues, photo essays and features.  I worked closely with our contract photographers; Paolo Pellegrin, Alex Majoli, Christopher Anderson, Luc Delahaye, Jonathan Torgovnik as well as many other contributing photographers like Ian Teh, Bertrand Meunier, Brent Stirton, Philip Blenkinsop, Agnes Dherbeys, Moises Saman, Donald Weber, Q Sakamaki, Tim Hetherington and Stanley Greene (a small sample of some of their work is shown below).

Newsweek gave me a platform and the opportunity to work on many historic events, with smart and engaged journalists and editors, and some of the most talented photojournalists and documentary photographers of the era. I consider the decade I spent on staff as fundamental in shaping my understanding of the world, of journalism, the ethics and standards of professional practices, of the creativity and intelligence of visual journalists and the ability of documentary photography to shape a global conversation and tell the stories of our time.  What you see here represents just a small sample of the many hundreds of stories I photo edited during this period.



Staff Senior Photo Editor


Newsweek International  


2000 - 2011

Selected Honors

NPPA, Second Place, Magazine Picture Editor of The Year, 2010

ASME, National Magazine Awards, Winner, Newsweek magazine for General Excellence, 2004

ASME, National Magazine Awards, Winner, Newsweek magazine for General Excellence, 2002